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When faced with an arrest and pending criminal charge, one needs a lawyer who will stand by and with him, who will defend him with tenacity and compassion, and who will zealously advocate for the best possible result.  Since the beginning of my legal education and training as a lawyer, I have striven to be the kind of fierce advocate that I would want representing me in court. 

In my office, you will find an environment entirely free of judgment.  My goal as a criminal defense attorney is not only to work for the best possible result for my clients in their criminal matters, but also to provide a space in which my clients can be reminded that they are fully human and deserving of dignity and respect.  The experience of being arrested, incarcerated, and going to court to face criminal charges is an incredibly degrading one, and I believe the role of the defense attorney includes the work of helping the client to remember that, whatever happened, he or she is a human being equal in dignity to every other person in the world. 

If you have been arrested, you are in a very difficult, painful, and frightening situation. You do not have to do it alone. 

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Tom Harang is an attorney in private practice who represents clients in criminal defense and personal injury matters. He handles cases ranging from the most minor traffic tickets to the most serious violent felonies. He is also a member of the Orleans Public Defenders’s conflict panel, where he represents clients in Orleans Parish who are unable to afford to hire their own attorneys.

Tom Harang is a 2013 graduate of the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University.  As a law student, Tom participated in the Immigration and Juvenile Defense Law Clinics, where, under the supervision of his professors, he represented clients facing removal from the United States as well as serious, felony criminal charges. 

During his last year of law school, Tom clerked with the Orleans Public Defenders, where he assisted supervising attorneys with trial preparation, client communications, Spanish interpretation, legal research and writing, and demonstrative exhibit construction, among other tasks.  Tom received the Public Interest Law Society Fellowship to fund his summer clerking at the Orleans Public Defenders office. 

As a student in the Immigration Law Clinic and for the rest of his time in law school, Tom participated with his colleagues and professor in Know Your Rights presentations at immigration detention centers in Basile and Oakdale, Louisiana.  At these presentations, Tom performed intakes with detainees as a preliminary step in determining whether they had any possible avenues for relief from removal from this country.  After law school, Tom worked as a law clerk and Spanish interpreter and then an associate attorney at the Lafayette Public Defenders Office.  In Lafayette, Tom represented clients facing felony drug possession and distribution charges.  He also represented clients on probation whose probation was in danger of revocation because of allegations of new criminal conduct or alleged violations of the technical conditions of probation.  Tom’s work as a public defender meant he spent most of his time visiting clients in jail and in his office, reviewing and analyzing discovery, and working with his colleagues to develop strategies to find the best possible results for clients in exceedingly difficult circumstances. 

Before law school, Tom received his degree in English with a minor in Spanish from Louisiana State University.  After earning his undergraduate degree Tom worked in the marketing department of LSU Press, where he communicated with authors regarding promotional copy, sent books to prize committees, compiled press releases, and sent pre-publication copies of upcoming books to reviewers.  He then moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he worked as an English teacher and tutor.  His students included elementary and middle school children as well as adults.  In Guadalajara, Tom developed true fluency in Spanish, which allowed him, upon his return home to Thibodaux, Louisiana, to work as a Spanish interpreter in criminal court in Thibodaux.  This experience convinced Tom that he should go to law school to become a criminal defense attorney.  His Spanish fluency, and his experience as an immigrant himself, make him especially attuned to the unique needs and challenges of Hispanic immigrant clients.